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Daisy's Clowns & Entertainers

Daisy's Clowns & Entertainers has been hosting pony and unicorn parties in the Knoxville area since 1996. For boys or girls, our pony parties are just what you need to create a day to remember.

Our most common pony party is with Smoky. A cowboy, cowgirl and Smoky come right to your home.  They set up a teepee and a game for the kids to play while they wait for their turn to ride. If you want to post the wanted posters as decorations at your party, have 3 pictures of the birthday child ready to tape or glue on (3 1/2 x 5" vertical position). Most parties are 1 hour but if you are having a large party you may book extra time. At our standard pony party, we dress as cowboys, but you can combine additional characters to any party. 

You don't have to have lots of land for our pony parties. Most parties are done right in the front or back yard in subdivisions. We come rain or shine. If necessary, we have a 10 x 10 tent but almost
never need it.

Our Pony Parties Can Include:

  • Pony rides for boys and girls
  • Unicorn rides for boys and girls
  • Face painting
  • Wanted posters
  • Play-in teepee
  • Games

If it is storming or rainy, we do not shut down like bounce houses and blow up games. We are a sure investment! View our main website to
learn more.

To make reservations, simply give us a call at 865-977-5870. For deposits, click on the PayPal logo at the bottom of the website and send them to

Contact Daisy's Clowns & Entertainers today at 865-977-5870, or browse the website for more information about girls’ parties, boys’ parties or corporate and holiday events.

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